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System Configuration

Minimum Configuration
Recommended Configuration
2 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor
3 GHz Intel® / AMD® processor
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7
512 MB RAM
At least 2 GB RAM
Video card supporting OpenGL 3.0 with at least 128 MB of RAM
Video card supporting OpenGL 3.0 with at least 1 GB of RAM
Monitor with at least 1024×768 resolution
Monitor with at least 1440×900 resolution
Mouse device
Graphics Tablet or Tablet Monitor device

Empowering you to create your 2D animation!

Designed by animators. For animators

Developed with input from animators, we have fine-tuned our features to help animators create hand-drawn animations.. What’s more, inbetween frames can be further tweaked or redrawn to achieve maximum impact in your animations.

Efficient interface, designed for explosive results

We strongly believe that computers can be a very powerful assistant to the creation process of traditional animation. With that in mind, we have created an interface that allows you to leverage the natural abilities of your machines in animating your works.

Paperless  2D animation workflow

Now, artists will be able to draw and paint their animations in a shorter time with CACANi’s unique auto inbetweening and auto painting workflow.

Unique drawing & animation tools

CACANi is designed to handle multi layers, which allows you to switch layers depending on the type of animation you need to work on. Color tags can be assigned to different layers to help navigation. In addition, optimised tools allow the user to draw, trace and edit drawings in CACANi flexibly.

Resolution independent graphics import and export

With CACANi‘s vector-based graphics, users can export animation sequences with any resolution. It gives users the freedom to publish their animations to multiple platforms, from small mobile devices to large print media formats.

Powerful auto inbetweening

With CACANi’s auto inbetweening tools, inbetween artists need not draw the entire inbetween frames anymore. Animations can be previewed directly for quick amendments. CACANi also provides a set of unique tools for cleaning up of frames.

Flexible timing system

CACANi’s intuitive timing system allows the animator to change the animation’s timing without resorting to complex motion curve charts. CACANi provides extensive options to generate inbetween frames for single or multiple layers. Timing for inbetween frames can be easily adjusted on the timing chart.

Smart auto painting

Artists can now save time by using CACANi’s smart auto painting system. CACANi will update and paint the frames of an animation sequence, based on the color information of one painted frame. Furthermore, auto painting can be confined to a specific range of frames.

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