CACANi 2.0 Release Notes

CACANi (released 2020/01/23)

Issues Fixed

  • When drawing, applying stronger pressure on the digital stylus caused the stroke to end abruptly.
  • The ‘Enable Windows Ink (TabletPC) Support’ option was not initialized when CACANi is started.



CACANi (released 2020/01/15)

Issues Fixed

  • CACANi would crash when re-generating inbetween frames, if a stroke is still selected with the Stroke Editor.
  • The Alpha slider bar was missing in the Color Box dialog window.
  • Some user interface elements were not displayed correctly.



CACANi (released 2020/01/06)

New Features / Changes

  • You can now animate the camera using the Camera Tool.
  • You can now create a Camera Cel in the Cel Bank.
  • When exporting, you can now use the ‘Adjust Stroke Width During Camera Zoom’ option, to automatically reduce stroke widths as the camera zooms into the drawings.
  • You can now animate the translation, scale and rotation of loaded image sequences.
  • The computation speed of boundary and occluded strokes has been improved.
  • After using the Un-occluded Strokes and Clear Boundary Settings options, hidden segments will remain hidden now.
  • The boundary stroke settings bar is now fixed at the top of the canvas.
  • You can now use the Clear Boundary Settings option in multiple selected frames.
  • When using the Stroke Editor with the Smooth Edit mode enabled, you can now edit strokes without smoothing the corner points.
  • You can now double click on a frame number in a cel to expand and close the layer display.
  • When using the Ellipse and Polygon tools, the primitives are now automatically converted into strokes.


Issues fixed

  • CACANi would not load images that were nested within too many subfolders.
  • CACANi would crash when opening specific files that had corrupt vector stroke data.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash after a color separation layer was created.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash when exporting SVG files.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash when a keyframe was converted into an inbetween frame, deleted and then undone.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash when using the Clean Up Tool to close stroke gaps.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash when using Shift + V to paste strokes that have boundary stroke properties.
  • Double clicking on the Color Tag to choose a custom layer color was not working in the Cel Bank.
  • Vector strokes were still erasable with the Smart and Stroke Eraser Tools even when a raster layer was active.
  • After moving the first frame to the left, repeat frames and the undo operation would have errors.
  • The inbetween frames’ spacings were not maintained when frames were added from the Cel Bank Frame View.
  • CACANi could not import .cacs file on some computers that had different folder configurations.
  • On some layers that were locked, drawing tools were still usable.
  • Some regions were sometimes painted incorrectly when there were overlapping strokes.
  • CACANi would show an error when cutting a selection in a raster layer.
  • The Production Information window showed incorrect version information.
  • The Hide / Unhide Raster Sheet option was named wrongly in the user interface.
  • Removed redundant shortcut options in Customise Shortcuts window.



CACANi (released 2019/09/27)

Issues fixed

  • CACANi would crash if a layer is dragged from the Cel Bank to the canvas.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash after performing an undo after using the Curve Tool.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash after using the Auto Color option.
  • The user could not set the alpha value properly from the Color Selection Box in the tool property bar.
  • The alpha value in the Color Selection Box was not linked to the Opacity property for the Curve Tool.
  • The ‘Rotate’ menu title in the Raster Layer context menu was incorrectly named.
  • The user could not randomize selected strokes in a group.
  • The display of some cursor icons were not updated correctly after playing the animation in CACANi.
  • The user could not move certain file dialog windows when using a stylus.
  • In certain cases, CACANi would stop auto-saving.