CACANi 2.0 Release Notes

CACANi (released 2019/09/27)


Issues fixed

  • CACANi would crash if a layer is dragged from the Cel Bank to the canvas.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash after performing an undo after using the Curve Tool.
  • CACANi would sometimes crash after using the Auto Color option.
  • The user could not set the alpha value properly from the Color Selection Box in the tool property bar.
  • The alpha value in the Color Selection Box was not linked to the Opacity property for the Curve Tool.
  • The ‘Rotate’ menu title in the Raster Layer context menu was incorrectly named.
  • The user could not randomize selected strokes in a group.
  • The display of some cursor icons were not updated correctly after playing the animation in CACANi.
  • The user could not move certain file dialog windows when using a stylus.
  • In certain cases, CACANi would stop auto-saving.